On 22 November 2021, the 4th Management Committee Meeting of the Mobilising CityCatalyst Project was held, with the aim of presenting the main work carried out and the results achieved since the beginning of the project. iven the impossibility of holding this meeting in person, the event was held online, through the Microsoft Teams platform.

Throughout the session, the business and scientific leaders of each of the 6 PPS presented the developments and results achieved in the first 11 months of the project.

In the scope of PPS 1 – “Sensing, Communication and Computing Infrastructure”, the main developments concern the updates and developments obtained from studies on communication, sensing and computing infrastructures, as well as the definition of technical specifications for the infrastructure support modules.

In the case of PPS 2 – “Security and Privacy”, the main results of the studies previously carried out on the general definition of the system and interface requirements were discussed.

Regarding PPS 3 – “Normalized City Analytics”, the significant advances in the analysis of standardized information models for city management, definition of the BUS for the Data Lake, analytical platform and analytical services, and start-up of the AutoML as a Service platform were discussed.

In the scope of PPS 4 – “Open Innovation and Co-creation in Smart and Sustainable Cities”, the open innovation management model in urban ecosystems was discussed as well as the identification of urban challenges. A version of the main modules to be introduced in the innovation platform to be developed was also presented.

In PPS 5 – “Services for the sustainability of cities”, the most recent advances in the creation of a model of open innovation management in urban ecosystems and the identification of urban challenges were presented.

Finally, under PPS 6 – “Project management, dissemination and valorisation of results”, the most recent developments in the creation of the visual and graphic identity of the project were identified, as well as the establishment of internal procedures for the consortium (communication channels, templates, collaborative area, among others). This meeting was therefore fundamental for all co-promoters to be aware of current developments, the timing of the next steps and to establish synergies between PPS, something that will be important for the achievement of the project’s objectives.

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