On 12 November 2020, the 1st Management Committee Meeting of the Mobilising CityCatalyst Project was held, in order to discuss the issues presented in the meeting agenda. Given the impossibility of holding this meeting in person, the event was held online, through the Microsoft Teams platform.

Throughout the session, business and scientific leaders set the project strategy that should be aligned with the strategies and guidelines of each of the 6 PPS.

In the scope of PPS 1 – “Sensing, Communication and Computing Infrastructure”, the activities of PPS 1 were identified and the responsibilities of the co-promoters were clarified. It was mentioned that contacts have already been made in order to establish cooperation to test the platform being developed.

It was not possible to have the representation of the lead co-promoters of PPS 2 – “Security and Privacy”.

Regarding PPS 3 – “Normalized City Analytics”, the activities that make part of PPS3 that were the target of discussion were presented and the co-promoters responsible for each task were identified.

Under PPS 4 – “Open Innovation and Co-creation in Smart and Sustainable Cities”, a status report was presented regarding the development of the work of this PPS, namely, the preliminary structure of the open innovation platform to be developed, in which it will be possible to identify urban challenges and present solutions to the challenges through the involvement of Companies, Universities, Government Agents and Citizens.

In PPS 5 – “Services for the sustainability of cities”, the main objective of PPS 5 was identified – development of advanced technological solutions and innovative services in the areas of urban smart grids, intermodal mobility services, optimised management of electric mobility and data-based governance. The responsibilities of the co-promoters in the various tasks that make up the activities of PPS 5 were also known.

Finally, in the scope of PPS 6 – “Project management, dissemination and valorisation of results”, the main objectives of PPS 6 were mentioned. As it is a transversal PPS, it will allow the articulation and coordination between the different PPSs and will include technical and scientific management activities of the project and the promotion of results. Next, the activities that make up this PPS were presented, as well as the entities involved in its implementation, identifying the main responsibilities of each co-promoter that are part of PPS 6. This meeting was therefore essential for all co-promotors to know the proposed objectives, the timing of the next steps and to establish synergies between PPSs, something that will be important for the achievement of the project objectives.

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