On 25 February 2021, the 2nd Meeting of the Management Committee of the Mobilising City Catalyst Project was held, in order to discuss the issues presented in the meeting agenda. Given the impossibility of holding this meeting in person, the event was held online, through the Microsoft Teams platform.

Initially, it was proposed to define a strategy to establish synergies between the various PPSs, to which was suggested that the co-promoters who do not have effort allocated to PPSs in which they would be interested in participate, may, by requesting changes, allocate effort to other PPSs.

As far as the situation regarding the Demonstrators is concerned, contacts are already being made with all the Municipalities involved – Aveiro, Porto, Cascais, Guimar√£es and Famalic√£o. The Management Committee decided to wait for meetings to be scheduled between the municipalities and the working groups in order to define what steps should be taken to ensure maximum benefit from the collaboration between the project and the municipalities. Next, each PPS leader was asked to make a state point regarding the preparation of the 1st Interim Scientific Technical Report. It was mentioned that all PPSs have already started preparing the document and collecting contributions from the co-promoters involved.

Finally, with regard to communication and dissemination procedures, it was indicated the need for the Management Committee to pronounce on the need for co-promoters require validation of all communication actions, particularly with the publication of scientific articles. It was also mentioned that there is already present in the collaborative area, a preliminary version of a project form to be filled out while waiting for the validation of the Term and Acceptance.

This meeting was thus fundamental for all co-promoters to be aware of current developments and to establish synergies between PPS, something that will be important for the achievement of the project’s objectives.

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