On 25 January 2021, the 2nd Meeting of the Executive Committee of the Mobilizer CityCatalyst Project was held, in order to analyse the administrative and financial management, but also the status of the project demonstrators. Given the impossibility of holding this meeting in person, the event was held online, through the Microsoft Teams platform.

Initially, the Administrative-Financial Management was addressed in the context of the preparation of the 1st Interim Technical and Scientific Report (RTCI Nº1), which will report on the activities developed in the first seven months of the project between July 2020 and January 2021. A templatefor collecting information will be made available and distributed to the co-leaders of each of the 6 PPS that make up the project in order to collect the information to prepare the final version of the RTCI and submit it in the Balcão2020. The meeting continued with an approach to the timing of the follow-up meetings of the project and the PPSs. The session proceeded with the preparation of the 2nd Meeting of the Management Committee.

Then, the final version of the logo was presented, in its various versions, easily adaptable to different graphic contexts, along with the visual identity guide that establishes a set of good practices for use. Regarding the project’s website, EFACEC will ensure its hosting. Additionally, an information collection templatewill be created, so that co-promoters can request the addition of contents to the website. With regard to the situation of the demonstrators, contacts are already being established with the Municipality of Porto and the involvement of the other co-promoters in the next meetings is foreseen. Regarding the Municipality of Aveiro, a meeting has already been held to present the objectives and collaboration perspectives, and a second meeting is scheduled for February 2021. A first meeting with Famalicão City Council will soon be scheduled to assess the interest in collaborating with the CityCatalyst project.

Finally, INOVA+ informed that the signature process of the Consortium Agreement and Contract is already underway, and it is expected to finalise the collection of handwritten signatures in the first two weeks of February.

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