City Catalyst’s project consortium member, HLTSYS – HealthySystems, has published a set of scientific papers resulting from the work carried out under PPS2.

“Provisioning, Authentication and Secure Communications”, published in the scientific journal IoT Devices on FIWARE in September 2021. This paper proposes an identity management (IdM) and authentication method called YubiAuthIoT, integrating this method with the FIWARE platform, as a way of provisioning and authenticating IoT devices.

“IoT Security Certifications: Challenges and Potential Approaches”, published in the scientific journal, in May 2022. This paper proposes to collect the requirements that different IoT environments and application scenarios impose on certifications and discusses the current state of certifications according to these requirements.

“Host-based IDS: a review and open issues of an anomaly detection system in IoT”, published in the scientific journal Future Generation Computer Systems, August 2022. This paper proposes to adopt the approach of an overview of Internet cybersecurity threats, important recommendations for a real-time IDS, and a real-time dataset to evaluate a security system that covers multiple cyber threats.

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