City Catalyst’s project consortium member,  Instituto de Telecomunicações, has published a set of scientific papers resulting from the work carried out within the scope of PPS1.

“A Scalable Approach for Smart City Data Platform: Support of Real-Time Processing and Data Sharing”, published in the scientific journal Elsevier Computer Networks in December 2021. This paper proposes the creation of a Data Platform for the Aveiro Tech City Living Lab, to collect, process, visualize and act on mobility, environmental and network data.

“Vehicular traffic flow prediction using deployed traffic counters in a city”, published in the scientific journal Future Generation Computer Systems in October 2021. This paper represents the study of different statistical methods such as deep learning methods to describe, understand and predict the traffic profile of the city.

“Prediction of Low Accessibility in 4G Networks”, published in the scientific journal Annals of Telecommunications 2021, in May 2021. This paper analyses the likely causes of low accessibility in 4G networks, taking into account information from important key performance indicators (KPIs), and considering their evolution in previous periods.

“A Forecasting Approach to Improve Control and Management for 5G Networks”, published in the scientific journal IEEE Transactions on Network and Service Management, in June 2021. This paper discusses the use of linear and non-linear forecasting methods, including machine learning, deep learning, and neural networks to improve the management of 5G networks.

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