The 3rd plenary meeting of the Project was held on 13 July 2022, with the aim of presenting the main work carried out and the results achieved since the beginning of the project. This was the first face-to-face meeting, held at the Porto Digital co-promoter’s headquarters in the Porto Innovation HUB. Throughout the session, the business and scientific leaders of each of the 6 PPS presented the developments and results achieved during the 2 years of the project.

In the scope of PPS 1 – “Sensing, Communication and Computing Infrastructure” the main developments are related to onsite integrations, namely, the relation of Dashboards and Urban Platforms with Altice Labs Orion and IT Orion.

With regards to PPS 2 – “Security and Privacy”, the status of technical activities was presented, making known the preliminary version of PPS2 architecture.

Regarding PPS 3 – “Normalized City Analytics”, significant advances were reported in the analysis of standardized information models for city management, the definition of the BUS for the Data Lake and the analytical platform and analytical services. The AutoML as a Service platform is already in the specification phase of the solutions and architecture.

Under PPS 4 – “Open Innovation and Co-creation in Smart and Sustainable Cities”, the highlight goes to the presentation of the platform modules, namely the challenges of innovation, co-creation and living labs.

In PPS 5 – “Services for the sustainability of cities”, the main advances in the creation of a management model of open innovation and urban ecosystems and identification of urban challenges were presented.

Finally, in the scope of PPS 6 – “Project management, dissemination and valorisation of results”, the main developments regarding the preparation of newsletters and the updating and dynamisation of the website with the collection of ideas as part of the activity of promotion, disclosure and dissemination of results were identified.
This meeting was essential for all co-promoters to know the developments and establish synergies between PPS, something that will be important for the achievement of the project objectives.

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