Business Partners

At Efacec, we develop and provide integrated solutions in the area of Energy, Mobility and Environment, with the purpose of creating a smarter future. We have a global footprint in 12 countries and sales in more than 80, offering a comprehensive portfolio tailored to each customer and market. We develop people in an organisation of learning and continuous improvement.

Altice Labs is a company of PT Portugal, SGPS, S.A. Group, a wholly owned subsidiary of Altice Group. It was founded in 1950, through the creation of the Automatic Switching Study Group and later with the constitution of PT Inovação, in 1999, and the constitution of Altice Labs, in 2016. The company is the Group’s centre of excellence, developing innovative products and services for the TELCO and IT market.

PROEF develops integrated solutions, customised according to the different needs of its clients and delivered in a turnkey model, in the sectors – Telecom, Power, Cities and Corporate. They aim to drive and lead the change in the sectors in which they operate, building the future, side by side, with customers, partners and collaborators.

INOVA+ is a company that has been supporting the evolution of its clients since 1997. With international dimension and experience since its origin, INOVA+ recognizes in the technological vision, in the national and international partnerships and in the access to financing sources, the key factors for a successful innovation.

Ubiwhere develops and researches cutting-edge technology, applied to the creation of intelligent and innovative solutions in the scope of Smart Cities and Telecommunications of the Future. Promote a more sustainable World, with a higher quality of life for citizens and the strengthening of urban services that promote good management of Mobility, Energy, Waste and Tourism.

HealthySystems, a spin-off from UP, is a company specialised in information technology, dedicated to the areas of cybersecurity, interoperability, data quality and the latest pseudo-anonymisation techniques. Its wide range of skills and solutions makes it recognised in the market as the trusted partner for an effective, efficient and secure digital transformation.

ADYTA is a spin-off of the University of Porto, with exclusively Portuguese funds, which aims to promote specialized solutions adjusted to the needs of sovereign bodies, business groups and other organizations that, by the nature of their activities, handle sensitive or classified information and data.

Jscrambler is a highly innovative company that is part of the poll of 20 to 30 companies working in the area of Application Security, and it should be noted that in the area of code protection of javascript applications, it is the leading company in the world market. It is currently at UPTEC, the incubator of the University of Porto, and is today an example of excellence of the ICT companies created at the pole.

NOS is the largest communications and entertainment group in Portugal. It offers latest generation fixed and mobile, television, internet, voice and data solutions for all market segments. In the business market it offers a broad portfolio of products and services, with solutions tailored to each sector and businesses of different sizes, complementing its offer with ICT, IoT and cloud services.

Scientific Partners

Associação Porto Digital (APD) promotes the innovation, entrepreneurship and digital transformation strategy of Porto City Hall. In a catalyst role, APD works under three major axes: Infrastructures, Networks and Communications, Urban Platform and Digital Services and Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Porto is 100% committed to making Europe increasingly inclusive and digital.

Porto Business School is a private non-profit institution, the result of the collaboration of the University of Porto with some of the largest national companies. Its mission is to help improve the quality of management, through advanced post-graduate training, customised programmes, entrepreneurship programmes, applied research, funded projects, partnerships with companies and consultancy.

CEiiA is an engineering and development centre that has developed new concepts, products and services in the area of mobility and cities – automotive development, electric mobility and mobility as a service, and in the area of sustainability – development of new technologies that enable the creation of new services and business models aimed at carbon neutral cities.

Fraunhofer Portugal, FhP-AICOS, develops applied research in the areas of health, agriculture and energy. Founded in 2009, it employs 80 researchers specialised in Human-Centred Design, Artificial Intelligence and Cyber-Physical Systems developing computer vision, decision support/cognitive systems and internet of things solutions for customers worldwide.

NOVA Cidade – Urban Analytics Lab is a network of people and organizations, driven by the School of Information Management of UNL (NOVA IMS), oriented to promote the creation and transfer of applied knowledge in the context of urban intelligence aiming to actively contribute to the construction of smart and sustainable cities and territories.

The CCG is an entity qualified by the National Scientific and Technological System and recognized as a Technological Interface Centre for the digital economy. Its main focus is on Research and Technological Development, designing new processes, services and products in the fields of Computer Graphics, Ubiquitous Computing, Human-Machine Interaction and Information Engineering.

The Telecommunications Institute (IT) is a private non-profit Association, with the statute of Associated Laboratory, whose main goal is the creation and dissemination of knowledge in the area of telecommunications, namely in the following areas: Mobile Communications, Optical Communications, Multimedia Networks and Communications and Basic Sciences and Support Technologies of Telecommunications.

The Cybersecurity and Privacy Centre is an infrastructure of the University of Porto, constituted as a service of the Rectory, whose mission is to provide support services to research and development activities, scientific and technical training in the areas of data protection and cybersecurity and in other areas in which it has competence and technological resources.

INESC TEC focuses its activity on scientific research and technological development, technology transfer, advanced consulting and training, and pre-incubation of new technology-based companies. The 13 R&D centres of INESC TEC are structured in four thematic Clusters – Computer Science, Industrial and Systems Engineering, Intelligent Systems Networks, and Energy.

TICE.PT is the cluster that involves and mobilises relevant actors throughout the country and covers the entire value chain in the area of ICT. TICE.PT guarantees and promotes the interfaces between the academic world, represented by universities and R&D institutes, and the business world, represented by the business associates and also through networks, especially of SMEs, represented by their associations.

FEUP is the largest faculty of the University of Porto, with more than 8 000 students and 9 departments covering the most diverse fields of Engineering. FEUP belongs to the “Porto Innovation District”, developing an intense R&D activity in technological and emerging areas – engineering, health sciences and entrepreneurship It thus contributes critically to Innovation at national and international level.